We are a full service cold storage solution.  Our team will sit down with you and design services around your storage, distribution and logistic needs.


Our facilities support any number of cooling requirements in a clean and secure location preserving your products’ quality and appearance.  We provide:

  • State-of-the-art computer controlled environments
  • Clean and secure frozen, chilled and dry storage
  • Bulk and rack storage for all temperature environments
  • Computerized inventory control and stream-lined order processing systems
  • Temperature controlled loading docks
  • Temporary “short hold” storage for all types of products at exactly the right temperature
  • Sorting, labeling and manifesting of goods
  • Transfers in storage
  • Flexible rate structure based on your needs


We efficiently handle your shipping and receiving from two convenient Puget Sound locations near both the ports of Seattle and Tacoma.  We provide:

  • Professional, courteous and careful product loading and unloading
  • Strategic locations for each truck and rail access
  • Fast load and unload times
  • Precise multi-item order picking for shipment directly to customers or to multiple destinations
  • Import and export services available
  • Preparation, packaging and transportation arrangement for sample shipments


Our cutting edge online computer system provides you with the information you need when you need it.   We provide:

  • First-in, first-out order processing
  • Orderly or directional stock (inventory) rotation (FIFO/LIFO or otherwise as directed)
  • Online inventory access
  • Cross docking — inventory management system in which products received at our warehouse are prepared for same-day shipment to customers which greatly reduces storage and distribution costs).